Why Teachers Need Eye Protection in the Classroom

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As we head into the back-to-school season, teachers and other instructors are preparing for everything they need for a successful school year. One thing that may get overlooked, however, is the importance of quality protective eyewear. There is no shortage of hazards in the classroom, and no matter what subject you teach, eye protection should be part of your standard classroom supplies. Why do teachers need eye protection? Here are only a few of the reasons.

Reduce eye strain 

With so much instruction involving computers and tablets these days, we’re spending more time than ever staring at screens and the resulting eye strain and potential long-term damage from blue light can be a serious health concern. In addition, the fluorescent lighting usually found in schools is itself a significant source of blue light. Avoid unnecessary eye strain and future eye health issues by using blue light-blocking eyewear throughout the school day. 

Protect eyes during lab instruction

Lab instruction is often focused on safety first, which is necessary when working with the materials found in chemistry labs, photography darkrooms, and vocational and industrial arts classrooms. When protective eyewear is required in a lab environment, we have the answer. Every pair of Stoggles is ANSI Z87 certified to protect against splashes, debris, and impact, so you know you’re getting the best protection possible, and looking great while doing so.

Limit gym class and sports injuries

Coaches and PE instructors know all too well how many injuries can result when students are physically active. Reduce the risk of eye injury and damage by incorporating protective eyewear into your own gym uniform. Our lightweight, shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses provide impact protection from all sorts of sports-related hazards as well as UV protection for time spent outside on the field. Plus they’re anti-fog, so no matter how much of a sweat you work up, your Stoggles will stay clear. In addition, instructors and coaches wearing protective eyewear can help reinforce to students that eye protection should be a priority for all athletes. 

Teach art safely

Creative arts teachers can also benefit from eye protection in the classroom. Painting, sculpture, crafts, and other types of creative arts often involve caustic chemicals, small components, and other potential eye-injuring materials. Our new Cat-Eye Stoggles are a stylish, artistic twist on safety eyewear, with all of the impact and splash protection you need in a chic new shape, so you never need to compromise on your safety or your personal style.

Model safe habits

One of the most important roles of teachers is to prepare their students for what awaits them in further education and the workplace. Teachers who wear safety eyewear are modeling important habits for students and help emphasize that safety in all environments is something to pay attention to. With Stoggles, you can also show your students that they don’t have to sacrifice style for safety. Our fashionable styles allow you to add your own personal flair to protective eyewear.

Don’t start the school year unprepared — make sure that you’ve included eye protection in your classroom must-haves. If you wear corrective lenses, no worries! We offer prescription lenses so your vision can be corrected and protected all at the same time.

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