You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. At Stoggles, we’re team transparency when it comes to our lenses (which are crystal clear) and how they work. Here, we’ll tackle some of your most pressing questions and help you get to know us a little better. 

If you have more questions, consider checking out our blog, The Public Eye. You’ll find information about Stoggles, as well as other vision and eye safety-related topics, in an easy-to-understand format that doesn’t leave you with a blank stare. 

General Questions

These orders leave our warehouse quickly, often the same day the order was placed. Please reach to hello@stoggles.com, and we’ll do our best to pause the order. If the order was already shipped, please return your order for a refund after it arrives by visiting returns.stoggles.com

The team of opticians at Stoggles is powerful, but not so powerful we can control the weather or the mail (yet). Most orders for non-prescription Stoggles will be packaged and shipped within one to two days of your order. 

Prescription Stoggles are each made to order with your custom prescription lenses. Naturally, these take a little longer. You can expect to receive your prescription Stoggles in two to three weeks. 

When your order leaves the warehouse, we’ll shoot you an email to let you know the most stylish, comfortable safety eyewear you’ve ever used is headed your way. We’re here to help you navigate any mail mishaps, too. 

Please allow 3-4 extra days for the carrier to locate your package. Oftentimes, there is a delay on the carrier’s end. If the package never shows up, contact hello@stoggles.com and we’ll work together to resolve the missing package.

Stoggles are made to protect your eyes with a standard of safety that is accepted across numerous industries. The American National Standards Institute works with agencies like OSHA to develop a system of safety standards for personal protective equipment for eye protection. 

All Stoggles are ANSI Z87.1-2020 certified for impact resistance and feature top and side shields to protect against splashes, splatters, and debris. Each industry has its own level of PPE requirements. It’s important to check with your employer to determine the level of protective eyewear you need.

Stoggles are seriously durable, but we recommend this handy, anti-scratch folding case to protect them even longer. Stoggles are shipped in protective material so that they aren’t damaged during the shipping and handling process, but our folding cases are sold separately for those who prefer to keep their safety glasses in the compartment of their cars or on a lanyard. 

Every pair of Stoggles comes with a protective pouch and microfiber cloth, which is the best way to keep your Stoggles so fresh and so clean. 

To protect and serve. We saw a problem: People needed PPE but couldn’t find stylish, comfortable options. We made a solution. Stoggles is a hybrid style of eyewear that focuses on protection first, but style also first. 

Being comfortable in your eyewear shouldn’t be optional. So, we took the elements needed for high-quality protection (like impact resistance, anti-fog coating, polycarbonate lenses, UV protection, and blue light blocking technology) and wrapped them up in frames that are streamlined and easy on the eyes… literally.

You could say the vision has existed since our co-founders met in art school in 2013, but the dream wasn’t realized until 2021. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, our co-founders realized a need for comfortable, stylish PPE eyewear in the healthcare industry and beyond. 

Not just for pandemics, Stoggles turned into an everyday fashion item beloved by bikers, construction workers, onion choppers, lawn care weekend warriors — basically everybody. 

After turning their vision into doodles and designs, they developed a prototype that was polycarbonate perfection, and Stoggles, the company and the hybrid eyewear, was born in 2021.

Absolutely. Our eyewear features clear lenses and are also available in your custom prescription (no more wearing clear safety goggles over the glasses). Stoggles are so comfortable and attractive that you’ll find yourself wearing them more often than you don’t. 

Plus, because all Stoggles offer blue light blocking technology, it’s a great idea to wear them while you’re working on the computer, watching an LED television, or using your smartphone. 

So protective.

Every pair of Stoggles is ANSI Z87.1-2020 certified, which means they’ve undergone impact resistance testing to ensure they won’t break or shatter if impacted by a fast and/or heavy object. 

We also craft Stoggles with top and side shields to ensure those vulnerable places at the top of your eyes and across your temples are marked safe from debris, splashes, splatters, and even intrusive pollen and particles in the environment. 

To keep your eyes even more protected, Stoggles shield your eyes from UV light and blue light and offer anti-fog protection that is unmatched by standard anti-fog safety glasses you’ll find from other retailers. 

A combination of style and goggles=Stoggles. Safety eyewear that protects like safety glasses, fits like eyeglasses, and looks like your favorite frames. That’s Stoggles.

You can call us Stoggles or stylish PPE, but please don’t call us safety glasses. We’re a hybrid model of eyewear that delivers more than standard safety glasses and a higher level of aesthetics than designer frames. 

Absolutely. Our anti-fog coating is UV sealed onto the lenses of each pair of Stoggles to ensure you don’t have to remove your safety glasses to wipe them down. Oh yeah, and unlike other glasses that are just sprayed with anti-fog coatings, Stoggles is dipped in (like your favorite dipped ice cream cone) for a finish that is spotless and faultless — totally bragging here, but we can’t help it!

Just so you know, anti-fog coating, when properly cared for, will last for over six months.

Please refer to the above care section for information on how to keep your Stoggles clean and ensure the longevity of your protective anti-fog coating. 

US Domestic Shipping Policy

We offer Standard (FREE!) shipping and Express (+$10) shipping for all orders within the United States. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing before your order is shipped. You will receive an email confirmation once your order has been sent. Please note the transit time will increase slightly if you requested an address change after you placed your order.

Rx lenses are custom made, therefore it takes a little longer to fulfill than a non-prescription order. Rx orders are shipped within 2-3 weeks from order date. You will receive an email confirmation once your order has been sent.

International Shipping Policy

Click here to see what countries we ship to.

Please visit here to track your order and for more information.

For applicable countries, duties & taxes will be automatically calculated and displayed during checkout. Depending on the country, you will have the option to choose DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) or DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid).

Please note that if DDU is selected, you will be responsible for paying the required duties & taxes upon delivery and the shipping carrier may not release the package without payment for duties & taxes.

Pro tip: we also provide an option to prepay duties and taxes in advance (using our express courier service), so you can see the fees before you submit your order and there will be no additional costs when you receive your package, guaranteed. Any inspections and fees applied on imports are unfortunately beyond our control, should you decide not to prepay taxes during checkout.

We offer Standard Express (via DHL) shipping options depending on the destination country. We are unable to offer overnight delivery on international orders.

The exact available shipping options for your country will be presented during checkout.

Depending on the destination country and shipping method chosen, international orders can take between 4 to 21 business days to deliver.

International Return Policy

We are happy to accept returns for merchandise purchased on Stoggles.com that has not been worn and in the original packaging within 45 days of ship date. 

To start the returns process, please use our returns portal here to receive a return label for your order.

Please note that there is a $15.00 return fee and the shipping costs paid at the time of the order will not be refunded. Prepaid duties and taxes are forwarded to your local customs authority and therefore, are non-refundable. As only the recipient of an order can claim these fees back, please contact your local customs office directly with copies of the return paperwork.

Items returned without an authorized return label from our Happiness Team will not be accepted. Keep the Return Tracking Number for your package to monitor the delivery status

Please note that for international returns the return shipping and any reverse duties & taxes are the responsibility of the customer. Returns should be postmarked within 45 days of the order date. We also recommend insuring your package and contacting Stoggles Happiness Team (hello@stoggles.com) with the tracking number once shipped.

Once your return is received back at our warehouse and inspected, your refund will be issued. Please allow up to 7-10 business days for the refund to be processed back to your original form of payment.

Stoggles stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of all of our products. If you believe your item is defective or has been damaged en route, please contact our Happiness Team at hello@stoggles.com

Stoggles does not process exchanges on international gift orders.

Returns + Warranty Non-Rx

At Stoggles, we want you to be 100% happy with your eyewear. With our 30-Day Guarantee, you may return your Stoggles for a refund (excludes shipping fees) within 30 days of receiving your order, no questions asked. Please visit our Returns Center for help with your return.

We do not offer returns on any international order.

All standard Stoggles come with a limited six-month Craftsmanship Warranty. If your Stoggles have a manufacturing defect or problem that should not occur with normal use, we will offer a one-time replacement at no cost to you. Products that naturally wear out from normal use are not a candidate for a warranty replacement or a refund.

Our Craftsmanship Warranty will consist of one replacement of your product at no charge within six months of your original delivery date. Our goal is to keep our customers happy for a lifetime and always reach a fair resolution to any issue. Proof of purchase and original order information is required for all warranty claims.

To fill out our warranty claim form, please visit: www.stoggles.com/pages/warranty

**Exclusions to this warranty include damage and wear due to severe abrasive cleaning conditions, chemical contamination, bleach, cleaners, accidents, misuse, abuse, incorrect use, and any other circumstance not related to the direct manufacturing process.

Yes! Email our Happiness Team at hello@stoggles.com to request a new label.

Prescription (Rx) Changes + Returns + Warranty

At Stoggles we offer a 100% Worry Free Rx Guarantee!

Our objective is to make sure every customer has a wonderful experience purchasing Rx Stoggles. You may exchange your Rx Stoggles for a one-time exchange at no cost for up to 30 days after delivery. We even provide free return shipping!

Please contact our Customer Happiness Team at hello@stoggles.com for help with your exchange.

All Rx Stoggles are custom made to order are not eligible for refunds.

Rx Stoggles come with one-year Rx Craftsmanship Warranty. If your Stoggles frame has an issue that is our fault such as a manufacturing defect or problem that should not occur with normal use, we will offer a one-time Frame Replacement at no cost to you. This covers any possible defect in the frame that can reasonably be attributed to the manufacturer’s responsibility and not a result of normal wear and tear, accidental damage from handling or improper use. The one-year warranty period begins once your original order has been delivered to your door.

Our Rx Craftsmanship Warranty will consist of one replacement of your product at no charge within one year of your original delivery date. Our goal is to keep our customers happy for a lifetime and always reach a fair resolution to any issue. Proof of purchase and original order information is required for all warranty claims.

To fill out our Rx warranty claim form, please visit:


**Exclusions to this warranty include damage and wear due to severe abrasive cleaning conditions, chemical contamination, bleach, cleaners, accidents, misuse, abuse, incorrect use, and any other circumstance not related to the direct manufacturing process.

Yes, we offer a one-year warranty on all Rx orders. The lenses must be kept and sent back in order for us to remount them into a new frame. If you’ve lost/tossed your Rx lenses, you will be responsible for ordering a new set of Rx lenses. Please reach out to hello@stoggles.com for further help.

Prescription Lenses

We love the fact that all of our Rx Stoggles are made at a licensed lab facility located in the United States. These lab professionals are dedicated to making top-of-the-line Rx Stoggles. From time to time there may be a prescription that we cannot fill. In the unlikely event that our lab cannot make your prescription, we will immediately issue a full refund.

OD:This refers to the “right eye”
OS:This refers to the “left eye”
Sphere (SPH):This indicates how strong your lens correction needs to be. A plus (+) number means you need help seeing close up, and a minus (-) number means you need help seeing far away.
Cylinder (CYL):This is your astigmatism correction.
ADD:This is included for wearers who need help for both distance and reading. If you have this, you will want to order progressive or no-line bifocal lenses.

Pupillary distance (PD) measures the distance between the centers of your pupils. This measurement is used to determine where you look through the lens of your glasses and should be as accurate as possible. Your eye doctor will usually measure your PD during an eye exam.

Always enter your "Far PD" for distance vision eyeglasses and enter your "Near PD" for your reading glasses only. For most people, the difference between Far PD and Near PD is about 2-3mm.

You can download a free app to measure your PD. EyeMeasure is a great one and it gives you results instantly (requires iOS 12.0 or later).

Segment Height, also known as Seg Height or SH, is the vertical measurement in millimeters from the bottom of the lens in your frames, to the beginning of the progressive addition on a progressive lens, or the top line of a lined bifocal. Segment height does not apply to Single Vision lenses. The determined Segment Height is specific to each frame and wearer.

The term "sphere" means that the correction for nearsightedness or farsightedness is "spherical," or equal in all meridians of the eye. Essentially this means correction for Astigmatism is not required for the prescription being considered.

It's a placeholder for the number zero, it means that you do not have distance problems.

Lens Care

Our Standard lenses have an anti-fog coating on both the front and back of the lenses. This coating is UV cured onto the lens and should last up to 6 months with proper care. To maximize the lifespan of the coating, use only a dry microfiber cloth (like the material of the included pouch), to gently remove oil, fingerprints, and dirt from the lens. Fog will form around fingerprints, so make sure the lenses are clean for the best anti-fog results.

If you clean them with water, the coating will wear away after about 60 washes. If you clean them with alcohol or other chemical cleaners, the coating may wear away in as little as 5-10 cleanings.

You might be thinking to yourself “I work in a germy healthcare setting and I have to sanitize my glasses!” Here are a few suggestions:

1) Sanitize only the front side of the lenses. For most use cases, as long as you wear your mask underneath your Stoggles, the backside anti-fog coating is all that matters. Germs should hopefully be contacting only the front side of the lens, so consider only cleaning that side.

2) If you can’t avoid sanitizing the back, use anti-fog drops or wipes to provide a temporary anti-fog coating. We sell Stoggles anti-fog drops here. They work great at preventing fog for up to 6 hours, but if you’re cleaning them more frequently than that, you’ll need to re-apply after cleaning. Proper application is super important, so follow the instructions on the bottle.

3) Use a UV sanitizer. If you’re lucky enough to have access to one of these, it’s the best way to kill germs without damaging the coating.

For our Rx lenses, we use the same double-sided coating as on our Standard lenses, so refer to that answer above.

All Stoggles lenses feature the world’s best anti-fog coating. Still, some harsh chemicals and processes can damage the coating, which could result in foggy lenses!  Follow these cleaning steps to maximize the life of your lenses:

• The supplied microfiber pouch doubles as a cleaning cloth and works great for daily lens cleaning

• Warm water can be used to loosen debris if present

• Use only Stoggles branded lens cleaner; avoid harsh sprays or solvents

• If glasses must be sanitized due to workplace requirements, alcohol can be used sparingly.

The crystal clear anti-fog lenses that come preloaded on every pair of Stoggles should last up to six months with proper care. The included microfiber cloth is the best way to keep your Stoggles clean and smudge-free.

You can wash your Stoggles with warm water. Keep your glasses away from cleaning chemicals. Yes, eyes are the windows to the soul, but polycarbonate is not your average window pane. It’s a high-tech material that, while super-duper powerful, needs to be treated with care. 

Also, keep your specs away from the extreme heat that, along with harsh chemicals, can damage the anti-fog coating. 

“But what about the germs,” you say. We hear you.

If you have access to a UV sanitizer, pop those Stoggles inside. It’s the easiest way to sanitize without damaging them. You can also ask your local ophthalmologist to give them a nice clean when you pop in for your yearly check-up. 

PS: Prescription lenses are crafted with the same features as our standard lenses and should be cared for in the same manner. 


The small size fits nicely on kids ages 7-14, and also on adults with smaller heads. The small size has an overall width of 127mm, a lens width of 47mm, and a bridge width of 19mm.

The medium size fits nicely on most adult heads. It has an overall width of 135mm, a lens width of 50mm, and a bridge width of 19mm.

Stoggles can be adjusted but should be done so with care to prevent breaking the frame. Check out this page to see how to safely adjust your frames.

Low Bridge Fit frames are crafted for those with low nose bridges (if the bridge of your nose sits level with or below the pupils), wide faces, and/or high cheekbones.

Yes! It’s been kid tested and approved.

Is this a rhetorical question? Yes!

Stoggles are crafted from ultra-lightweight polycarbonate and feature a streamlined design with top and side shields that provides extreme comfort and top-level protection simultaneously. 

While some safety goggles and glasses can feel hot, tight, and even feature headbands that give you sweaty headaches, our eyewear wears as easy as your favorite sunglasses or eyeglasses. Even more comforting is knowing you look as good as you feel and not like a middle school lab student.


Stoggles are ANSI Z87 certified.

Stoggles are Z87-rated.  Z87 is a standard published by the American National Standards Institute, which establishes performance requirements for protective eyewear in the workplace.  

Being Z87-rated, Stoggles provide excellent general protection from debris, particles, and foreign objects.

Most American workplaces who mandate safety eyewear use Z87 as their standard.


Currently we do not accept vision insurance, but we are happy to provide a receipt which can be used to get reimbursement from an eligible insurance company, please contact us at hello@stoggles.com

If you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA), you can also use it to purchase prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses—as long as your FSA or HSA account is affiliated with a major credit card.


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Gift Cards

Purchases of E-Gift Cards are not currently supported for international customers. If you previously purchased or received an E-Gift Card that you would like to redeem, please contact customer service.