Why College Students Should Protect Their Eyes

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With the start of the semester right around the corner, you might not realize you’re missing something important from your back-to-school list. Along with textbooks, your laptop and dorm essentials, safety eyewear is something you don’t want to skip when classes start back up. No matter your major, protecting your eyes is a necessary step, not just to avoid injury but to benefit your long-term eye health as well. Why is protective eyewear so necessary for college students? Let’s find out.

Stay safe in the lab

Whether you’re spending time in the chem lab or the photography darkroom, eye protection is critical when working with chemicals in a lab setting. Splashes, reactions and lab mishaps happen, so make sure your vision is safe during your lab time. Not impressed with old-school safety goggles that look clunky and dated? There’s no reason your safety eyewear can’t also reflect your personal style! Our best-selling safety glasses come in a variety of styles and colors so you can find your own customized look.

Worried about protection? All Stoggles are ANSI Z87 certified to protect against impact, splash exposures, and more. You can rest easy knowing that your Stoggles provide both safety and style without compromise.

Protect against damage from screen use

If there’s one thing college students are no strangers to, it’s screen use. Spending so much time on laptops, tablets and smartphones takes its toll on your vision and can lead to eye health issues down the road. Our lightweight eyewear blocks blue light, reducing eye strain and potential eye health damage from prolonged blue light exposure. So while staying up all night writing that paper at the last minute might be inevitable, the resulting eye strain doesn’t have to be!

Create art without compromising safety

Artists of all kinds know how important style is, and your eyewear shouldn’t be any different. Creativity can get messy — even dangerous — so safety should be just as important as style. Fortunately, Stoggles has you covered. Paint, sculpt, build and create to your heart’s content knowing that your vision is safe from debris, splashes and unexpected injuries, all without sacrificing style or comfort. Let your creativity flow without worrying about eye safety!

Protect your sight while staying active

There’s no shortage of options for sports and staying active while at school. Many sports involve protective gear to keep players safe from injury, but many students don’t stop to consider protecting their eyes as well. Stoggles are shatter-resistant to defend against impact injuries, and anti-fog, so no matter how much of a sweat you work up, your Stoggles will stay clear. Gear up with the best, and protect your eyes while you play.

If you’re heading off to college, make sure you’re remembering to keep your eyes protected. Wear prescription lenses? Stoggles has you covered! Our eyewear can be customized with corrective lenses, so you can keep your eyes safe without compromising your vision or your style.

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