Strength in Stories: Asia

Welcome to Strength In Stories — our tribute to nurses for National Nurses Week 2024. Beyond their work uniforms, nurses are real people with unique stories to share. This campaign celebrates their incredible resilience, compassion, and inner strength. Join us as we honor nurses not just for their work in healthcare, but for the passions and triumphs that make them who they are. Let's shine a light on the humanity and personalities of nurses, thanking them for their dedication both inside and outside the hospital

Strength in Stories: Asia
Meet Asia, a NICU registered nurse!

What aspect of nursing do you find most fulfilling?
Asia: Working in the NICU means helping parents with many “firsts”. From first diaper changes to first skin-to-skin holds, my heart gets so full being there for moments like those. In my speciality, not only do I play a role in my patients’ lives but also their families, which I find the most fulfilling about nursing.
How do you recharge and take care of yourself outside of work? What activities or hobbies do you enjoy the most?
Asia: On my days off, I like to take it slow if I’m able. I love reading a good book or going out on a run to reset and recharge.
What role do your family and friends play in your life, and how do they support you?
Asia: Not matter my goals are, my family and friends have always been there supporting me. From bringing my coffee on late study nights in nursing school to bringing me lunch before a nightshift at work, they have always put so much effort into helping me through everything. They’re truly my biggest cheerleaders!

Can you share a memorable experience or accomplishment from your personal life that you’re proud of?
Asia: Finishing nursing school during the COVID-19 pandemic will always be something that I will be proud of. The pandemic hit just a few months after starting nursing school, so many adjustments had be made to curriculum and clinical experiences. Nursing school is already difficult, and the pandemic made even harder; it wasn’t easy, but I did it!

What aspirations or goals do you have for your future, both personally and professionally?
Asia: I eventually want to go to graduate school. It’s my dream to go into nursing education to teach future nurses!
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