What Is My Face Shape for Glasses?

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At Stoggles, we know two things really, really well: safety and style.

We know that if a pair of frames doesn’t make you feel fabulous, you probably aren’t going to wear them. If we’re talking about safety glasses, that’s a really big deal. Safety glasses that don’t get worn can’t keep your eyes safe. 

It’s all good in the eyewear hood. We have the tips and tricks to help you pick a stylish, perfectly fitting pair of frames (that are also incredibly safe).

Read on to find out how to pick the frames of your dreams and keep your vision safe.

Finding Your Face Shape

The reason your new glasses didn’t look as smashing on you as they did, say, your bestie, might be because of your face shape. Unfortunately, in this case, it’s not them; it’s you. That doesn’t mean you still can’t have amazing frames; it just means you need frames that complement your facial features better.

Finding your face shape can be easy for some and tricky for others. Scientists have identified over 30 gene regions that affect face shapes, so there’s a lot to cover. In the interest of brevity, we’ll outline the six most common face shapes and help you determine which one is closest to your own kisser. 

Round Face Shape

A round face shape is just like it sounds; round and less angular around the cheekbones and jaw. You’ll find round face shapes are approximately an even width and height, with a balanced forehead and chin. Think smooth lines and curves and overall balance. 

Oval Face Shape

People with oval face shapes have a face that is generally longer than it is wide. Cheekbones are usually higher on the face and slightly wider than the forehead and chin. Oval face shapes have a forehead and chin that narrow towards the top and bottom, respectively. 

Heart Face Shape

Paging Reese Witherspoon, an actress with an iconic heart-shaped face. This face shape is wider at the cheeks and forehead. It then narrows through the jaw and chin. Heart-shaped faces usually have prominent cheekbones and sometimes a petite chin. 

Square Face Shape

You may have a square face shape if your face is an even width and length (similar to a round face shape) but with more defined, angled lines instead of curvature. People with square face shapes usually have a very defined jawline and less prominent cheekbones. The forehead is approximately the same width as the cheeks.

The Best Frames for Your Face

Let us be clear: the most important consideration you can make when selecting a pair of frames is comfort. If your frames aren’t comfortable, you won’t wear them, and as we said before, that’s a big deal. 

A part of comfort, however, is definitely style. So if your face shape dictates that rectangular frames would suit you best, but you adore round lenses, wear the round. Your personality plays a big part in determining what is comfortable and what isn’t. 

Finding frames that fit is about creating a balance between your facial features. In other words, if you have a face that is wider at the top than the bottom, you’re going to look for frames that balance it out and create a more even look. 

Round Face Shapes

You’ve got curves in all the right places, but a great pair of eyeglasses can help you work some angles. Rectangular frames will lengthen your cheekbones and add definition, while square frames will add length to your face and give the illusion of a more oval face shape. 

Cat eye frames can be a good solution because they’ll draw attention upwards, create lift and definition on the cheeks, and make your eyes take center stage. 

Oval Face Shapes

You could say you won the face shape lottery. Oval face shapes have it made when selecting frames because virtually any shape will complement your facial structure. 

To add balance to an oval face, square frames and round styles will add an angular look that is structured and defined. There’s virtually no way to go wrong with frame style if you have an oval face shape. If you want to add noticeable details, go for fully-rimmed frames, and avoid rimless styles. 

Heart Face Shapes

If you have a narrow chin and jaw, adding frames with a wide bottom can help balance the lower half of your face and make it appear slightly larger. Aviator frames are the perfect option because they have a wider bottom and a slightly angled bottom edge. This silhouette naturally draws attention to your already amazing cheekbones. 

Square Face Shape

Just like we brought balance to a round face by adding angles, we can soften an angular square face shape with soft curves. Round frames are the perfect match for square faces. Because you have a well-defined face, rimless and clear frames easily compliment your look without overpowering it, letting your face do the proverbial talking. 

What About Safety Frames?

Finding the perfect everyday frames and keeping your eyes safe just got a lot easier. Stoggles makes the safety eyewear that is a hybrid between your regular eyeglasses and safety goggles. Our polycarbonate eyewear gives you the ability to have both wrapped up in an incredibly stylish package that you’ll want to wear around the clock. 

What Makes Stoggles Different From Other Safety Eyewear?

Basically everything. The creative team at Stoggles saw a need for stylish options for PPE and created a solution. Eyewear that can be customized by frame, color, and size to fit every face shape and personality. No more one-size-fits-none acrylic safety glasses that are uncomfortable and unstylish. 


We use polycarbonate material to create every pair of Stoggles. Not only does this keep our frames incredibly lightweight and clear as day, but it also provides the durability you need in protective eyewear. Our Stoggles are all ANSI Z87.1-2020 certified to ensure they are shatterproof and impact resistant.


We all know the hassle of foggy eyewear. Safety eyewear that fogs, however, is more than just a nuisance. Removing safety eyewear to wipe down fog creates an eye-hazard issue by taking your concentration from your work and exposing your eyes to the threat the glasses were protecting them from. 

Stoggles come pre-treated with anti-fog lenses that resist fogging so that you can see clearly in any situation. 

Side and Top Shields

Throw away those wraparound glasses (which incidentally don’t work for any face shapes). Wraparound lenses don’t protect your eyes near the browline, and if you wear corrective lenses, the curvature of the lens can create a safety issue by warping your vision. 

Top and side shields that are custom molded to the frame of your eyewear are a better solution and the only way we craft our Stoggles. These shields protect your eyes in vulnerable areas without warping your vision or giving you bug eyes. Solid win. 

Blue Light Blocking Technology

When we created Stoggles, we thought about every aspect of eye safety, including exposure to blue light. Blue light is emitted from sources like the sun and from tablets, LED light bulbs, smartphones, and computers. 

Blue light can lead to eye fatigue and computer vision syndrome and can even interfere with our sleep habits. Because our exposure to blue light is so constant, there’s even some concern that prolonged eye health could be damaged because of blue light’s ability to reach the retina. 

Stoggles are crafted with blue light-blocking material, which is molded into the lenses of our eyewear at the time of manufacture. Your eyes stay safe whether you’re sawing or scrolling, and that’s important. 

UV Protection

Essential people need essential protection, and that means UV protection that works both in sunlight and around other sources of ultraviolet radiation. The polycarbonate material we use to craft our Stoggles is naturally UV-blocking to keep you safe without any additional tinting so you can see clearly. 


Whether it’s cat eyes, aviators, or rectangle frames you need, Stoggles has them. You can shop by face shape, frame shape, or even color-coordinate your eyewear to your favorite clothing. Stoggles offers numerous combinations to fit every person and every personality. 

Shape Up

Maybe those OG frames you bought didn’t work out, but we bet a different shape will look phenomenal. Stoggles has the shapes you’ll want with the safety you need, so you can take care of your eyes and keep your style respectable. 


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