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Guess what? Picking out the best color for eyeglass frames just got a whole lot easier. The uber-evergreen-trendy clear frames that dominated eyewear the last half of the year are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

The team at Stoggles couldn’t be happier. We’ve been donning clear, polycarbonate frames for years (and if you wear safety eyewear, you probably have to). Not only do we now find ourselves at the pinnacle of haute couture, but we also know this means more eyes will probably get the protection they need.

Let us be clear. Eye safety is no joke (even though we’re a little punny). We’ll explain the need for eye safety, the features that are a must, and how you can update your safety and style with protective frames that are as much fashion statement as they are PPE.

Why Eye Safety Matters

Your eyes are in the danger zone on a daily basis. Being surrounded by thin bones and tissue, your eyes are vulnerable. Retinal cells are limited, which means if you get an eye injury, that could be game over for your vision. 

Think you only need safety eyewear at work? Think again. More than half of all eye-related injuries happen at home. Projects like lawn care, home improvement, cleaning, and recreational activities (think of bats, balls, etc.) are all prime eye-injury activities. 

Stowing a pair of non-prescription safety glasses (or prescription safety glasses if you wear corrective lenses) in your toolbox is a smart decision.

What Makes Eyewear Safe?

There are numerous features available for safety eyewear, but only Stoggles offers the safety features you need with the stylistic options you want. Every pair of Stoggles comes standard with industry-standard protective eyewear features and a few other bells and whistles to keep your eyes safe no matter what activity is on your books.

Shatter Resistance

It’s not optional. Safety eyewear (as well as prescription glasses and sunglasses) need to be impact resistant. The industry standard is the ANSI Z87.1-2020 certification.

This certification ensures your eyewear is resistant to:

  • Weighted impact
  • High-velocity impact

Not sure if your eyeglasses are ANSI impact rated? Check the frame of the glasses for an imprint. FYI, all Stoggles come ANSI-certified right out of the box. 

Anti-Fog Coating

Fog is a nuisance for safety glass wearers and people who wear prescription eyeglasses. It can pose a hazard if you need to remove your prescription lenses or safety glasses to wipe them down. 

Stoggles eliminates wipe-down mode by creating safety eyewear that has an anti-fog coating applied to the lenses at the time of manufacture in our secret recipe dip solution. No more weak, short-lasting anti-fog applications. No more wiping; no more weird anti-fog solutions (we’re looking at you, shaving cream).

Blue Light Blockers

Blue light-blocking glasses gained massive popularity in the past few years as more of us transitioned to computer-based work and work-from-home positions. That transition meant more eye strain, more headaches, and more CVS (computer vision syndrome). 

The culprit? Blue light is emitted from televisions, computers, tablets, smartphones, and even the sun. What’s worse, research shows blue light could negatively impact our vision and lead to vision damage over time. 

That’s a high price to pay to check your fantasy football league on your phone or telecommute to work. Blue light-blocking glasses filter out blue light to keep your eyes safe, and as you’ve probably already guessed, Stoggles are all blue-light filtering.

Not only is blue light pretty much everywhere, but reading glasses aren’t only for reading; they’re also for scrolling through our fav accounts on the IG. (Good thing Stoggles offers readers, including blended readers.)

UV Protection

Sure, you’ve got your favorite oversized glasses with the darkest tint possible to wear on beach days, but what about days that are overcast or when you’re exposed to other sources of UV light (perhaps at work)? 

For those days, you need UV protection that doesn’t obstruct or shadow your vision. Stoggles, for instance, are made from polycarbonate material, which is naturally UV-blocking. If you were to wear Stoggles daily, you’d protect your eyes (and the surrounding skin) from UV rays, saving your vision and possibly warding off pesky eye wrinkles at the same time. 

Can Stoggles save you money by eliminating the need for eye cream and Botox? We’ll probably need some studies, but we’re inclined to hope for “yes.”

Side and Top Shields

Frame shape is important, but most frames (even best sellers) leave your eyes vulnerable in two places: near your browline and on your temples. Stoggles is the solution because our top and side shields are molded to the frame, giving you protection in these areas in a very low-profile manner. 

Some eyewear frames use wraparound lenses to cover your temples, but this frame style doesn’t protect your browline, and it also isn’t a good fit for people who wear prescription lenses. The wraparound design can warp your vision, reminding you of that party phase you had in college. 

Now that you know the specs you need, you can shop for perfect clear eyeglass frames that perfectly complement your facial features and keep you looking as sharp as your corrective lenses keep your vision. 

The Best Clear Glasses Styles

You want ‘em; we’ve got ‘em. Stoggles has the on-trend colorful and transparent glasses frames (and the crystal clear lenses) you want.

Here’s a rundown of our top five favorite frame shapes:

  • The Aviator

An iconic shape that seems to stay current through every season, the Stoggles Aviator combines the popular frame style that works for every face shape with side and top shields for added protection.

Plus, unlike metal frame aviators, ours don’t have those wobbly nose pads that make you want to rip your glasses off like you’re in a cliche rom-com from the 90s. If it’s not comfortable, you won’t wear it. And if you don’t wear it, they can’t help you. 

  • The Cat Eye

They’re so retro they’re “new retro.” Cat eye glasses have a definite throwback look that is no longer “women’s only.” Unisex cat eye frames are gender-neutral and suitable for everyone. 

The Stoggles Cat Eye offers the sleek, elegant cat eye design you want with the safety level you need. It’s a daring choice and a safe choice — if you like a pun. 

  • Square Frames

Hipsters have never looked so hip. Square frames get an update by going clear, which happens to perfectly match anyone’s skin tone and accentuate virtually all face shapes. 

The Stoggles Square is available in clear, of course, but also in our widest selection of colors, which are all understated and more ethereal than opaque. Try some on, and we think you’ll agree: It’s hip to be square.

  • Rectangle Frames

Move over 1990s: Your old rectangle specs just got leveled up. Perfect for round face shapes and anyone who loves the look of Clark Kent style glasses, Stoggles Rectangle frames are perfect for keeping your eyes safe while you’re saving the world or just mowing your lawn. 

  • Round Frames

Round glasses were arguably made famous by John Lennon, and his legacy lives on not only in his music but in his iconic choice of eyewear. The Stoggles Round frames pay homage to John but are updated with a slightly oversized shape. Or, they pay tribute to Harry P, the boy who lived, whose fashion gets another refresh without the use of magic — it’s all science over here. 

Get Trendy, Get Stoggles

We never set out to be the trendiest, just the most stylish form of safety eyewear available. Being on-trend was a convenient side effect of our impeccable stylistic tastes. 

As a hybrid between eyeglasses and goggles, we knew the challenge to remain aesthetically appealing would be challenging, but we think you’ll agree that we nailed it.

In addition to clear frames, we offer numerous other colors. Whether you’re shopping for black frames or lilac frames, we’ve got you covered. Protecting your eyes is part of a healthy preventive eye care lifestyle, and we’d say keeping your eyes safe is always on trend.

This year, keep up with pop culture while keeping your eyes protected. Stoggles make it easy to do both.


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