Five Overlooked College Essentials

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When preparing for going to college, we all know the standard checklist items like extra long twin sheets and bathroom caddies. But what about the products that are often excluded on checklists but are real game changers? We’ve put together a list of 5 overlooked essentials that will make your semester even better!

Protective Eyewear

Those late night study sessions on your computer can be really harmful to your eyes. Blue light has been linked to blurry vision, eyestrain, dry eye and sleep disruption. We recommend Stoggles protective eyewear because of their stylish frame options and colors in addition to blocking blue light, UV rays and debris. Bonus: These come in handy if you’re in lab or pre-med classes too!

Portable Charger and Extra Charging Cable 

It can happen more easily than you think. You’re out with your friends and your group gets separated and your phone is dead. Keeping a portable charger in your bag can prevent you from getting stuck or in a vulnerable situation.

Dry Erase Board

Looking for a great way to easily communicate with your roommate about your schedule or cleaning duties? A dry erase board is a perfect tool to keep you both on the same page. Plus you can personalize it with fun color markers and your art doodles.

Portable Fan

A fan can help with bringing white noise and airflow to a stuffy dorm room. Getting a portable fan means you can have it in your bag for warm afternoon study sessions in the quad too.

Mini Safe

We all have belongings that are personal and treasured. A mini safe is a great place to store any valuables like your passport or jewelry and it’s never a bad idea to stash some extra cash just in case of emergency. These are very portable, meaning you can bring it with you anytime you travel too.

It never hurts to be prepared when starting or returning to college and these overlooked college essentials can help you feel confident from the start.


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