Eyeglass Trends for 2024: What To Expect

Eyeglass Trends for 2024: What To Expect

As someone with their finger on the pulse of all things pop culture, you’re ready to ditch your skinny jeans and pop out in platform shoes. You’re also ready to reimagine your look by learning what’s in and what’s in terms of eyewear for 2024. 

Or, maybe, you just don’t want to look like your grandmother in a pair of thick, dated frames and coke bottle glass lenses. Either way, Stoggles has you covered. We make it our mission to know eyewear, and we’ve collected the upcoming trends for 2024 so that you can keep your eyes safe and protect your stylish reputation. 

Of course, we’ve also updated our collection to include new frame shapes and the trendiest colors, so you can make safety look as good on you as it is for you. From cat eyes to aviators, we’ve got the hottest frames for the most essential faces. 

What’s Out

Before we start talking about what’s in, let’s talk about what’s out. Keep in mind, however, that what’s out could be what’s in for your personal style and comfort, and ultimately, nothing looks as good as being comfortable in your own skin. 

Frames Only for Vision Correction

Eyewear is no longer considered a medical necessity, only to be worn by those with poor vision. In fact, you’ll find more and more people sporting fashion frames (glasses worn only for aesthetics) and frames for alternative methods of eye protection, like blue light-blocking glasses

Thin, Round Lenses

Move over John Lennon and Harry Potter (depending on your generation): Your glasses are no longer the hot ticket. While these retro-inspired frames saw a rise in popularity the past year, they’ll no longer be on the cutting edge of fashion in 2024. Instead, you’ll see more noticeable angular frames taking center stage. It’s time to go bold, and you’ll love the options. 


You read that right: Glass is no longer the most popular material in your eyewear. Not only is glass heavy and breakable, but it’s also just not the best option for vision corrective frames. 

Polycarbonate takes the lead in this department, offering shatter resistance and crystal-clear vision correction. We’ve been crafting Stoggles with polycarbonate for years, so you could say we’ve been paving the way for mainstream eyewear trends. 

Ignoring Eye Safety

Eye safety is definitely on trend. Studies show that eye-related injuries are common and are becoming more common during recreational activities. That means you need to wear safety eyewear not only at your high-risk job but also when you’re at home during tasks like lawn care, woodworking, or sporting activities. 

Now that you know what not to wear, let’s talk about what’s in for 2024 and what you’ll want to keep in mind the next time you visit your optician.

2024 Eyewear Trends

They’re big, they’re sporty, and they’re eco-friendly. The top trends for 2024 eyewear are more than just stylish; they’ve got a conscience that makes them environmentally friendly, too.

Here, we’ll look at the hottest trends you’ll see in 2024 and talk about what you can expect from the creative geniuses at Stoggles, too.

Color Gradient Frames

They’re edgy and unexpected. Frames have always been a fashion statement, but color gradient frames push the envelope by transitioning from one color into another about midway down the length of the lens frame. 

These are obviously going to be most popular on non-metal frames and on frames that aren’t extremely thin. If only you could get that amazing gradient on the frames of your safety eyewear. With Stoggles, you can. Stoggles Fades offer understated, transitional gradients that fade from your selected color to crystal clear, letting you put your toe in the fashion-forward gradient frame movement without full commitment.

Full Transparency

We saw plenty of transparent frames towards the end of 2023, and they aren’t going anywhere soon. Transparent frames are heading up the eyewear designs that are most loved in 2024 but in unexpected colors. 

Instead of crystal clear (which is still on trend for 2024), you can opt for a minimalist color like transparent rose, sky blue, pastel pink, or even amber. At Stoggles, we’ve been styling our eye-catching frames with transparent color options since day one, so we have numerous ethereal colors to choose from. 

The great thing about transparent frames is that they’re one eyewear style that allows you to enjoy color without the color overshadowing your facial features or taking center stage. 

Total Customization

The fashion industry has its finger on the pulse of technology, learning new and creative ways to enhance sustainability and offer futuristic, modern options to standard styles. One way they’ve married form and function is by offering frames created from sustainable materials and repurposing old frames into new ones. This allows your eyewear to be eco-conscious and also supports a lighter carbon footprint. 

Another way fashion and tech go hand and hand is with the creation of 3D-printed frames. These allow you to plug in your own design and have a manufacturer create them specifically for you. The possibilities are endless, expanding the world of eyewear to your own creativity and genius. 

Oversized Frames

It seems as though big, bold, oversized frames will never go out of style. Not only are they actually really comfortable, they’re great for covering the entire eye area. In 2024, you’ll see more of a focus on oversized, athleisure-like eyewear instead of oversized sunglasses ala Kim Kardashian. 

We loved when athleisure became acceptable at airports, and we loved when athleisure became acceptable at dinner. We’re totally in love with athleisure looks in eyewear, too. Oversized and fully functional, these give wearers plenty of style and comfort.

Flat Top

A pair of glasses with a straight top frame (a flat top) was a must-have in the ‘40s and ‘50s, and the flat top frames you’ll find in 2024 pay homage to these iconic shapes. This trend is unapologetically fashion-forward and one of the easiest ways to stay on-trend for eyewear this year. 

You can find eyeglass frames with flat tops in sunglasses and prescription eyewear. 

Geometry Lessons

We didn’t love Geometry, but we do love the geometric shapes that are dominating eyewear trends for 2024. The most popular? Hexagonal, rimless frames with tints. The tint allows you to appreciate the shape of the frame without the need for a heavy acetate frame surrounding the lens. 

Sports Frames

Athletic-inspired frames will continue to dominate in 2024. A trend we saw emerging in early 2022, these eyeglasses are popular for both corrective lenses and UV protective lenses. But it’s not only sports brands that will get all the game-time action. 

Companies have flocked to the call for sportier frames and now offer lenses and frames that are more durable, sports-like frames that are completely wearable whether you’re on the field or in an office. 

At Stoggles, we’ve always considered ourselves sportsmen. After all, how can you safely protect your vision if you aren’t wearing safety eyewear? We design our Stoggles with ANSI Z87.1-2020 certification standards to prevent them from shattering if you get hit with a ball, bat, or right hook. 

This level of protection means:

  • The eyewear must withstand impact from a ball bearing fired directly onto the lens at a particular speed. 

ANSI gives the safety standards used by numerous agencies, including OSHA. You’ll know that anytime you wear a pair of ANSI-certified glasses, you’re getting the highest level of protection available in the industry. 

Supersized Frames

You may have thought that massive, iconic eyewear was a trend of the early 2000s, but you would be wrong. Oversized, ostentatious frames come in and out as frequently as you visit Starbucks. 

This coming year, look for the oversized trend to be paired with angular frames. From squares to octagons, the trend will feature less curvature, more defined lines, and over-the-top drama. Also new this year are more oversized frames in the men’s eyewear department and more crossover frames that are completely gender-neutral. 

If you’ve been on the fence about going big, this is the time to do it. If you wear safety eyewear, we’d recommend the Stoggles Aviator frames — for ace pilots and ace stylists. You’ll get all the stylistic appeal you need, and a level of safety unmatched in the industry. 

Green Frames

No, not the color, although green-colored frames are arguably on-trend for 2024, too. Green glasses refer to eyewear that has a smaller carbon footprint than its ocular predecessors. Companies are crafting eyewear that is designed to last longer so that you don’t need to replace them on the regs. 

Higher durability means your eyewear lasts longer, and you won’t need to replace your frames as frequently. Take Stoggles, for instance: Our eyewear is designed for durability (obviously) but also covers so many other eye safety concerns they eliminate the need for additional eyewear. Read below:

UV Protection and Blue Light Blocking

  • UV Protection. All Stoggles are made with UV protection, eliminating the need for additional pairs of ultraviolet radiation protective lenses. Stoggles are made from lightweight polycarbonate, which is naturally UV-blocking. 
  • Blue light blocking. Why not add blue light-blocking technology to our Stoggles? That’s a great idea. We make every pair of Stoggles with blue light-filtering lenses to keep your eyes comfy whether you’re at the computer, outside, or on your tablet or smartphone. 

When your eyewear protects your eyes on so many different levels, you no longer need multiple pairs of glasses. That eliminates waste, changes your own carbon footprint, and is incredibly convenient to boot. 

Tinted Lenses

Not necessarily for sun protection, tinted lenses are the trend that will keep 2024 rose-colored for anyone who doesn’t mind a little eyeglass tinting. The most popular colors? Orange, yellow, and red. Think the 1970s with a 2024 flair. 

If tinted lenses aren’t your thing, that’s okay. After all, it’s hard to keep calm when you’re seeing red, even if that red is simply a tint on your eyewear.

Stoggles are designed to offer crystal clear visibility, so you’ll find that while wearing them, you’ll get a more realistic view of the world around you. Not to throw shade at tinted lenses, but when you’re in the lab or out on the town, clear lenses are a must. Plus, our clear polycarbonate is naturally UV-blocking, so the sun has nothing on you. 

Call it part of the throwback to the nineties, but tinted lenses have been back since early Fall, and they show no signs of stopping for 2024. Tinted lenses have specific vision benefits (talk to your eye doctor to find out what those benefits are and if you need them) but they also compliment a pair of stylish frames perfectly. 

If you decide on rimless eyewear, tint is practically a must-have. For other frame shapes, keep the tint light and pick a color that compliments your own skin tone. Stoggles Monochrome glasses are the perfect tinted experience, since you’re enveloped in just one color.

Iconic Shapes (With Side and Top Shields)

Don’t call it a comeback because, technically, aviators never left the game. Aviator frames have enjoyed popularity since the 1970s, and there are no signs of stopping their fashion dominance. Whether you like thin, wire-frame aviators or a chunkier frame look, you can’t go wrong. The best part about aviator frames is that they usually complement every face shape and size and are easy to wear in any setting. 

You know we offer aviator frames at Stoggles, and you could consider our aviators cutting-edge. With side and top shields molded to the frame, our aviators offer something that typical glasses don’t; vision protection that doesn’t stop near your eyebrows or on the sides of your head by the temples. The Cat Eye shape is another iconic eyewear shape that is particularly popular among women.

What’s Always On-Trend

Sure, there are trends, but there are also classic looks and features that simply never go out of style. Here’s what you should always look for in eyewear:

Vision Correction Availability

We talked earlier about the options you have to don eyewear that doesn’t correct your vision. However, if you need vision correction, you should have accessibility. That’s why Stoggles makes it easy for you to get the safety eyewear you need with vision corrective lenses. 

If you have a prescription, we handle it for you in-house, saving you time, money, and protecting your eyes from injury with a sleek pair of our haute eyewear. They also come built with our all tested anti-fog coating and blue light tech. These coatings would normally set you back another 50%-60% of the original price, but that sounds pretty unfair to us. Stoggles are just built different.

We also offer progressive-style lenses as well as reader lenses, so you can get the type of vision correction you need and the safety to keep your eyes properly cared for. 

Stylish Options

Not impressed by your optician’s wall of eyewear wonder? That’s okay. You’ve got options and many people don’t realize you don’t have to buy your eyewear from your optician or from your eye doctor. 

Legally, your eye doctor must give you a copy of your prescription so that you’re free to shop elsewhere for your frames and lenses. Just because it’s convenient that they sell eyewear in the lobby doesn’t mean buying from them is the best option. 

Also, be sure to ask for your PD (pupillary distance), which sneaky eye doctors will usually keep away from giving to you. Just another one of their many tactics to make you keep coming back and purchasing from them.

Preventative eye care is vital, which is why we work with FSA and HSA accounts to ensure that new specs can be on everyone’s horizon. 

Everything Under the Sun

Stoggles offers Sun Stoggles, a new form of our hybrid eyewear that offers the perfect amount of shade to keep you comfortable in the sun, along with polarization that helps you see better when you’re on reflective surfaces. 

If you’re into photochromic transition lenses that darken when exposed to UV light and return to clear when not exposed, we can do that too. Stoggles Dimmers are built with the same features as our regular Stoggles, but with light-responsive lenses that allow you to go from outdoors to indoors with comfort, ease, and only one pair of seriously stylish specs.

Protection (Trust Us, You Need It)

Just because you don’t work in a high-risk industry doesn’t mean you don’t need protective safety glasses. Stoggles offer protection above and beyond shatter resistance. All Stoggles come customized with supreme anti-fog lenses, UV protection, and blue-light blocking lenses. You can wear Stoggles in all environments, during all activities, and be confident that you’re taking steps to protect your eye health. 

Protection is always in style because eye patches are easier to explain as part of a cool Halloween costume rather than explaining that a bug hit your eye while you were biking


Nothing overrides comfort in the eyewear industry. If your eyewear isn’t comfortable, you won’t wear it, and you’ll suffer from blurred vision or unprotected eyes. That’s why we took extra steps to make sure Stoggles are comfortable and protective, putting our eyewear through various tests and iterations to come up with the perfect square, round, and other shapes. And that goes for comfort and fit, too. 

Our lightweight design means you’ll probably forget you’re wearing them, but the level of protection offered by each pair means you’ll never have to worry about your eye safety. When your glasses are as comfy as your favorite pajamas, you won’t want to take them off. This ensures that you don’t have an “oh whoops” moment when you take your eyewear off. 

Stoggles: Keeping an Eye on the Top Trends

You could call us trendsetters, or you could call us trendmakers. Either way, Stoggles are on trend for 2024.

With numerous style and color options, and a level of safety you won’t find in the bargain bin safety glasses, we’re your go-to solution for eyewear that keeps your eyes safe and your style on point. 


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