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Bulk Stoggles

The convenient and affordable option.

Got a team of essential people who need effective eye protection they’ll actually wear? Stoggles Bulk Orders to the rescue! We make protective eyewear with a secure fit that the entire team can wear (even those team members who need prescription safety eyewear). 

Stoggles are the hybrid blend of glasses and goggles, outfitting your staff with high-quality, impact-resistant PPE material. These scratch-resistant lenses come in a lightweight design that is more comfortable than safety goggles and more fashionable than pretty much anything. 

Stoggles: The Combo Meal of Safety Eyewear

All Stoggles come standard with:

ANSI Z87.1-2020 Certification

ANSI Z87.1-2020 certification protects against impact and offers ultimate shatter resistance safety. All Stoggles frames and lenses are made from durable polycarbonate, the industry standard material that is safe, comfortable, and provides the clearest vision possible. 

Anti-Fog Lenses

Anti-fog safety glasses are a must, especially for workers who routinely wear masks, come into contact with steam, or transition from indoors to outdoors. Stoggles are treated with a revolutionary anti-fog formula at the time of manufacture to ensure long-term fog resistance in any environment.

But it’s not just any coating: Instead of a spray, Stoggles are dipped into our carefully-formulated anti-fog coating that took us nine months to create. This coating lasts longer and is more effective than others, and we simply can’t brag enough about it. 

Top and Side Shields

A better solution than wraparound lenses, side and top shields are molded to the frame to prevent warped vision common with wraparounds and keep more of your eye-area real estate protected without looking like you’re competing in the Tour de France.

This is especially important for users who have prescription lenses — over 60% of the adult US population. Whether you need progressive, single-vision, or bifocal safety glasses, you can count on the traditional style to keep the prescription totally pristine. Stoggles even come in readers from +1.0 to +3.0, including blended readers. 

Blue Light Blocking Technology

Essential for protection against blue light rays, our blue light tech is added into the raw material during the time of manufacturing, ensuring the blue light filter doesn’t wear off over time. 

UV Protection

All Stoggles anti-scratch safety glasses are made from lightweight polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate provides natural UVEX protection to ensure eyes are shielded from UV rays from both indoor and outdoor sources, including UVA and UVB rays. 

Unlike some safety sunglasses, our polycarbonate lenses don't have a tint, so they can be worn anytime. Because while a dark mirror lens is super cool and makes you look like a rogue pilot, it’ll also make you look pretty foolish when you bump into cabinets and knock over the office’s new shipment of glass window panes. It’s much easier to stay totally cool with clear-lense and UV-protected Aviator Frames.

Clear Comfort

Don’t get stuck in the crossfire between comfort vs. style vs. protection. With Stoggles, you can get all three, so say goodbye to never-ending email chains about how the PPE is crushing the vibes and the comfort. 

Stoggles are so comfortable that you won’t ever have to take them off when pulling long hours at the ICU, lumber yard, or tennis championship. When you take off your specs to give your face a break, your face can break (facetious, but still pretty accurate). If you don’t have to, or even better — don’t want to — remove your eyewear, you stay safe. 

Comfort, Style, and Safety 

Our eyewear is designed to protect your team while they work and beyond. Plus, it’s far more stylish than the typical frameless eyewear you see in most workshops.

Whether you need clear-frame safety glasses, sleek black frames, or even an uber-stylish lot of cat-eye frames, we’ve got your team covered. We understand that getting everyone to comply with face shields or traditional safety glasses can be a chore, but the Stoggles difference means everyone gets incredibly comfortable, stylish eyewear that they’ll actually want to wear.

Stoggles Bulk Orders

Bulk orders are no problem. We work with you from frame selection to checkout to ensure you get the eyewear you need without any hassles or hiccups. Our pricing tiers are a great way to save money when you shop in bulk and get everyone the protection they need without breaking the bank. 

Head on over to the Team Orders Page at Stoggles and get started on filling out your team order. It only takes about 90 seconds to fill out the form — the length of a commercial break for those of us who still watch live TV. 

The initial order minimum for bulk orders is 50 pairs. Before ordering, you can even request a few samples so that you know your team will love them. We make bulk orders our number one priority, so expect a package from us about three to five days after you place your order. 

For the highest level of quality, protection, and wearability, Stoggles is the retailer for you. Our safety eyewear keeps your workers safe while providing eye safety that is incredibly comfortable and wearable. That means better safety for them and higher compliance levels for you. 


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