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If you’ve ever had a pair of favorite glasses fall from your face, there’s a moment (as they’re falling to the ground) where your life flashes before your eyes. That might be a little dramatic, but there’s definitely a moment when you remember how much they cost and feel a deep sense of remorse. Sigh.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Glass straps keep your specs attached to your face (or conveniently located around your neck) so you never have to worry about losing your favorite shades or specs again. The best part, we promise they don’t look like the ones your dad wore. 

Here are the seven best types of glasses straps of 2023 that will keep your frames secure and safe. Hint: you can find all these wrapped up in one easy-to-use strap available from Stoggles

1. Easily Attached Straps

Some glasses straps are so complicated they should come with a multi-page manual. Why bother? A simple strap should easily connect to your glasses so you can get on with your life. Word to the wise: make sure the strap you choose is universal. 

Some straps are designed specifically to fit over a particular brand of glasses. It’s best to look for straps that can be used with any glasses. Buyer beware. 

2. Adjustable Straps

Your goal probably isn’t to look like a librarian, or your Great Aunt Edna (no offense to either). Long, ornate straps are certainly beautiful, but can pose a problem. These long straps can be cumbersome and annoying. 

Adjustable straps allow you to change the length of the strap to get a custom fit. The straps we carry at Stoggles are designed to adjust to the user’s head, so you can keep your glasses as close to your face or neck as you find comfortable. 

3. Hi-Tech Material

Sure, the baltic amber beads are nice and a gold chain would definitely say “I make six figures” even if you don’t, but in terms of comfort and usability, sports-styled fabric is a better choice. Look for fabric that is breathable and comfortable. We like neoprene, cotton, and even rubber cording. 

These materials will also feel cool against your skin and won’t irritate or chafe you. Trust us, chaffing can happen; we’ve got the neck burns to prove it. 

4. Easy To Clean

No matter what kind of strap you choose, make sure you can easily clean and know how to clean it. Ornate glasses straps look pretty, but they can be impossible to clean, or require special care. If they contain beads, crystals, or other materials that are sensitive to water and susceptible to rust, you may have a hard time caring for them. 

While you might not think cleaning your glasses strap is that big a deal, we can assure you, it gets dirty. Your glasses strap may sit on your neck for long periods of time, or lay against your hair. Think about the collar of your white shirts and you might reconsider the leather glasses strap and opt for a material that doesn’t collect as much neck grease. 

5. Low Profile Design

Sure, the beaded tassels on the strap look great now, but what will they look like in a few weeks? Don’t get caught up with fads. Your glasses straps should be something that are low-profile and barely noticeable. If not, you’ll probably find yourself not using them.

A sleek, low-key design will last you a long time and won’t detract from your overall style. Ultimately, your glasses strap is made for keeping your glasses safely on your face, not making an iconic fashion statement. 

6. Long-Lasting

You need glasses straps that will last. Some straps just aren’t made with the attention to detail and quality control needed to keep them working for longer than a week. If you go with the dollar store option, you’ll get the dollar store option. 

You don’t need to spend a lot of cash on straps for your glasses, but you do need to make sure that the website reviews say something about their durability. 

Ones That Work

In the end, you just need these suckers to work. It doesn’t matter if they’re made with the right materials or look a certain way, if they don’t keep your glasses securely attached to your noggin’ they aren’t worth your money.

When we developed the Stoggles sports strap, we took into consideration what people really needed in terms of eyeglass straps. Our design is functional, sleek, easy to clean, long-lasting, and honestly super stylish although you might say we are biased. 

Then again, style is kind of our thing. 

The Stoggles Difference

Stoggles give you the protection of safety glasses with the look and feel of your favorite frames. We designed Stoggles so those of us who needed to wear safety glasses had more options than the same types of geeky glasses we wore in the middle school science lab. 

Our glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 safety guidelines, so you know you’re getting the safety you need without compromise. We also make sure every pair of stoggles has built-in anti-fog lenses, so you aren’t tempted to remove your glasses to wipe them off when you need to keep your eyes safe. 

Want to wear your Stoggles after hours? We’re definitely down for that. Our glasses feature 100% UV free lenses to protect your eyes from UV rays, and blue-light blocking coating so you can catch up on your important emails (aka surf the web) without damaging your eyes.  

Stoggles, But Make Them Sun-Proof

You asked, and we listened. Stoggles are now available with tinted lenses. SunStoggles have all the same great safety features you love about regular Stoggles, but with the ability to keep your eyes shielded from the glare and brightness of the sun. 

SunStoggles are great for outdoor activities that could put your eyes at risk like yard work, home improvement, and even sports. Plus, they’re still the most incredibly stylish protective eyewear you can get. 

Strap It On

The Stoggles sports strap is the best accessory for your Stoggles and SunStoggles. Our strap fits easily over the ends of your glasses and stays put until you want to remove them. The adjustability means you can keep your glasses on your head or hanging around your neck at the perfect position.

Our straps are easy to clean, long lasting, and look great attached to any pair of frames you have. If those frames aren’t Stoggles, what are you waiting for? Every pair of eyes deserves a pair of Stoggles, even if you don’t work in an industry that requires protective eyewear. 

Common household activities like cleaning, yard work, and simple projects can pose a serious hazard to your eyes. Wearing protective eyeglasses can keep your eyes safe so you can continue being the weekend warrior you are. Stoggles are the best glasses for helping you get the job done safely and stylishly. 



ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2020: Current Standard for Safety Glasses 

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