The 5 Best Prescription Safety Glasses For Nurses

The 5 Best Prescription Safety Glasses For Nurses


We love nurses. Their dedication to and compassion for their patients are unmatched. These heroes of the healthcare field put their lives on the line to keep us healthy, and they deserve the very best personal protective equipment (PPE) available. 

Unfortunately, many nurses aren’t wearing protective eyewear, which is a really big deal. Consider these eye-opening facts from the International Safety Center’s Exposure Prevention Information Network:

  • Blood and body fluid exposures (BBFE) can happen to anyone in a medical setting, but nurses in acute-care settings (where patients remain under constant care) are the most vulnerable. 
  • Over half of the BBFE that nurses encounter are from body fluids visibly contaminated with blood. That means if you are getting splashed, it’s probably going to be with someone else’s blood.
  • Over 80% of the BBFE occurs on the face. Over 60% occurs in the eyes. 

The most alarming fact? Only about 8% of the nurses that reported BBFE’s were wearing protective eye goggles or glasses. With so many options for safety goggles available, why would nurses elect not to wear them?

Why Aren’t Nurses Wearing Safety Goggles?

There may be many reasons why a nurse isn’t wearing protective glasses or goggles. Some cite the failure of management to enforce their use. Others may find themselves in a situation where safety goggles aren’t available.

Here are some of the top reasons a nurse isn’t protecting their eyes:

They Aren’t Comfortable

Discomfort is one of the top complaints about safety goggles. Goggles may feel tight on the head, may apply too much pressure to the face, and may not adjust for a proper fit. If the goggles must be used over corrective lenses and frames, the discomfort is even worse. 

Many safety goggles are classically bulky and oversized, which may slip and slide on the face. In these cases, wearing the goggles isn’t safe because it causes a distraction. 

They Can’t See

Fogging, dirt, grime, and lack of available prescription goggles may also cause a nurse to neglect eye protection. If safety goggles need to be removed to be cleaned repeatedly, they’re more of a nuisance. It’s also dangerous to have to remove glasses with contaminated fingers to clean them. 

If a nurse needs corrective lenses and doesn’t want to wear goggles over them (because it’s uncomfortable), they won’t be able to see clearly unless the goggles have prescription frames. Most of the time, the goggles they may be issued at work don’t have prescription lenses. 

They’re Kinda...Lame

Let’s be honest. Most safety goggles aren’t trending on social media. They’re necessary and effective, but most manufacturers completely disregard the fact that you’ll be wearing these on your face for hours at a time. 

It’s not wrong to want something that makes you comfortable and lets you retain some manner of awesomeness at the same time. 

5 Best Safety Goggles for Nurses

You need safety goggles that protect but are also comfortable enough you’ll be encouraged to wear them. Additionally, the safety goggles you pick should meet OSHA requirements for safety.

Here are the top five best safety goggles features for nurses: 

1. Anti-Fog Coating

There’s nothing worse than donning a pair of safety goggles to have them immediately fog. Not only does this mean you can’t focus on your task, but you’ll also be tempted to take them off to clean them. 

Removing your safety goggles to clean them has two dangers: 

  1. You’ll expose your eyes to pathogens, spills, and splatters. 

  2. Cleaning your glasses with contaminated fingers or wipes could spread bacteria that could get into your eyes. 

Safety goggles with anti-fog coating are protected against fogging, especially with a little help from additional anti-fog drops. No matter what the climate or humidity level, your goggles won’t fog and block your vision. Bonus, they even hold up against stress sweat. 

2. Blue Light Blocking

You know your job involves patient care...and a lot of data entry. When you’re entering those reports, you’re exposed to blue light. Blue light is emitted by the sun and from devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

Blue light can be damaging to your eyes, but it can also cause headaches and eye strain. Blue light-blocking lenses can help protect your eyes from blue light. 

3. Full, All-Around Protection

Won’t my regular glasses protect me? Sure, they’ll offer some protection, but your regular eyeglasses don’t offer the same type of protection that safety goggles do. Safety goggles offer protection on the sides of your eyes. Side shields protect your eyes where normal glasses have a large gap. 

Safety goggles also have top shields that protect your eyes where your eyeglasses gap near your eyebrows. 

4. Prescription Availability

No one likes to wear safety goggles over their corrective frames. Instead, opt for safety goggles that can be ordered with your corrective lens prescription. You’ll be able to see clearly and won’t be forced to stuff your fancy frames under your protective goggles. 

5. Stylish Options

Yes, style is important. The truth is, you’re just not going to wear something that makes you feel awkward. It’s distracting, and you’ll spend more time focusing on that awkwardness instead of your task. Plus, when we look better, we do better, according to studies. Good for you; you no longer have to pick between protection and style. 

Stoggles for Nurses

Stoggles are the only protective eyewear that fit like glasses, protect like goggles, and look like your favorite frames. With Stoggles, you get incredibly comfortable protection and glasses so attractive you’ll find yourself wearing them off-duty. 

Stoggles are available with prescription lenses. We handle all our prescription requests in-house, saving you time and money while you shop the best selection of safety glasses/goggles available. 

All Stoggles safety glasses come standard with blue-light and anti-fog coating, so you never have to worry about eye strain, computer glare, or steamy conditions.

You can rest easy knowing that all Stoggles safety glasses are ANSI Z87.1 certified to be impact resistant.

Get Your Goggles On

As a nurse, it’s hard to think about yourself, but you need safety goggles all the time, not just when the risk of exposure is higher than normal. Keeping your safety goggles on while you work will create a routine that will keep you safe. 

Need more convincing?

  • The CDC says so. The CDC recommends that nurses wear protective safety goggles to protect against blood droplets, liquid splashes, and respiratory droplets. They also identify it as a way to keep eyes protected from contaminated fingers. 
  • Safety glasses protect you against flying objects. Whether you’re dodging flying surgical instruments or dealing with a combative patient, safety glasses with impact-resistant lenses and frames keep you safe.
  • Lab settings. Think you don’t need safety glasses because you’re behind a microscope all day? Even the most seasoned nurses and doctors need safety goggles to protect against accidents. 

Safety goggles are the right choice for keeping your eyes protected and giving you peace of mind so that you never have to wonder if a splash or splatter made it to your eyes or not. 

Safety Goggles the Stoggles Way

You’ve got options for safety goggles; why not choose the only protective specs that offer protection, comfort, and style? Stoggles keep your eyes safe during your night shift and looking cool, calm, and collected during the day. 



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