Strength in Stories: Xy Losito

Welcome to Strength In Stories — our tribute to nurses for National Nurses Week 2024. Beyond their work uniforms, nurses are real people with unique stories to share. This campaign celebrates their incredible resilience, compassion, and inner strength. Join us as we honor nurses not just for their work in healthcare, but for the passions and triumphs that make them who they are. Let's shine a light on the humanity and personalities of nurses, thanking them for their dedication both inside and outside the hospital.

Strength in Stories: Xy Losito
Meet Xy Losito, a registered nurse!

What aspect of nursing do you find most fulfilling?
Xy: Knowing the impact of what we do to patient lives despite it seemingly minuscule during our busy shifts.

How do you recharge and take care of yourself outside of work? What activities or hobbies do you enjoy the most?
Xy: I love cooking and spending time with people I love - whether it’s local or traveling, I am always up to visit my people because it rejuvenates my soul.

What role do your family and friends play in your life, and how do they support you?
Xy: A major one. Their presence alone remind me that the work is always going to be there and that there is still so much more life to live outside of the walls of the hospital. They cheer me on and ground me at the same time and they remind me that i need to take care of me so I can take care of others.

Can you share a memorable experience or accomplishment from your personal life that you’re proud of?
Xy: I have a few major ones and sometimes professional and personal can bleed into each other after years of doing the job. Solely personal, jumping out of a plane for skydiving was a higher personal accomplishment. Never once in my risk averse life would I have believed that one day I would be purposefully jump out of a moving vehicle thousands of feet up in the sky. The other one is leading multiple mass vaccination sites during COVID - it was tough work but seeing people go through the sites and getting vaccinated during unprecedented times filled my heart with so much joy.

What aspirations or goals do you have for your future, both personally and professionally?
Xy: At this point in my life, I frequently remind myself that success can look many different ways. My once excessive desire to go up the top of the healthcare ladder is starting to shift and I see myself finding a good balance between making impactful work to the community and having time to do the things I enjoy and spend time with people that are dear to my heart.
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