Best Eyewear To Wear for Racquetball and Squash

Best Eyewear To Wear for Racquetball and Squash

Hey there, fellow racquet warriors! Welcome to the thrilling arena of racquetball and squash, where balls fly faster than gossip and reflexes need to be sharper than a chef's knife. But let's face it, while we're all about that adrenaline rush, no one wants to leave the court with a shiner — or worse, something more permanent.

Yep, you guessed it, we're talking eye protection here, folks. While the thought of gearing up might not sound as exciting as a well-executed kill shot, your peepers will definitely thank you for it. After all, what good is a player who can't see the ball, right? Investing in quality eyewear is like buying insurance for your eyeballs, minus the boring paperwork.

Understanding Sports Eyewear: A Brief Primer

Let's dip our toes in the deep, not-so-mysterious waters of sports eyewear. These slick pieces of engineering are not just regular glasses on a protein shake. Oh no, they are designed to withstand the fast and furious nature of sports like racquetball and squash.

Just as you wouldn't wear flip-flops to run a marathon, you can't expect your everyday glasses to stand up to a racquetball moving at warp speed. Sports eyewear is all about being sturdy yet comfortable, clear yet protective. It's about making sure you're the one smashing the ball, not the other way around.

What to Look for in Racquetball and Squash Eyewear

Choosing the right eyewear for racquetball and squash is like playing a complex game of Tetris. You're trying to fit together a whole bunch of factors until you get that perfect line, or in this case, the perfect pair of specs. Let's break down the game:

The Indestructible Duo: Shatterproof Lenses and Sturdy Frames

The highlight of any racquetball or squash match? Those blisteringly fast balls. The downside? Those blisteringly fast balls coming at your face. That's why you need lenses that won't shatter on impact and frames that hold it together even when the going gets tough.

Fog Resistance and UV Protection: Your Eyewear's Superpowers

Because nobody wants to play blindfolded, right? Fog resistance ensures your eyewear won't cloud up with your hard-earned sweat. And UV protection? While you might not be playing in the sunshine, those indoor lights can also emit harmful UV rays. Better safe than sorry, we say.

Anti-Scratch: Because Life Happens

Just as your favorite sunglasses always end up at the bottom of your bag, your sports eyewear will also have its encounters with the rough side of life. Anti-scratch features ensure they come out of these battles unscathed and clear.

Comfort and Fit: Your Eyewear Should Be Your Best Friend

Adjustable nose pads and temples aren't just fancy add-ons. They ensure your eyewear fits you like a glove (or should we say, like a pair of glasses). Comfort is king in the middle of an intense rally.

Peripheral Vision: Seeing the Big Picture

A ball can come at you from any direction in racquetball and squash. Wraparound designs allow you to see all the action, making sure you're never caught off guard.

Remember, a well-chosen eyewear is like a dependable doubles partner — they've always got your back (or in this case, your front!).

Why Stoggles Are the Best

Have you met Stoggles yet? If not, let's get acquainted. A far cry from the bulky goggles of yesteryear, Stoggles is the maverick of modern eye protection. Picture a pair of glasses that wouldn't look out of place on a high-fashion runway, yet are sturdy enough to stand up to the warp-speed onslaught of a racquetball game. Sound too good to be true? Well, prepare to be pleasantly surprised.


First, Stoggles ace the style game with their sleek, low-profile design that pairs effortlessly with your sportswear. Their secret? A delicate balancing act between style and functionality, proving that you can look cool while playing hard. So, even when you're furiously swinging that racquet, you're doing it in style.


But, Stoggles isn't just a pretty face. Underneath that runway-worthy exterior lies a powerhouse of protection. Boasting shatterproof lenses, they are ANSI Z87.1-2020 certified, guaranteeing you the industry's gold standard in impact resistance. Plus, their unique top and side shields give you an edge in peripheral vision, so you'll never be blindsided by a rogue ball.


Beyond being sturdy, Stoggles also understand comfort. Designed with adjustable nose pads and temples, they ensure a fit that's customized to you. No more worrying about your glasses slipping mid-swing. And did we mention they also offer UV protection and blue light blocking capabilities? That's right, Stoggles got your eyes covered, on and off the court.

Simply put, when it comes to racquetball and squash, Stoggles are your ultimate eye ally. They blend cutting-edge style with robust protection, all while offering supreme comfort. So, gear up with Stoggles, and let your eyes enjoy the game as much as you do!

Extra Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Safe on the Court

There's more to eyewear than just popping on a pair of Stoggles and hopping on the court. A few extra steps can take you a long way in ensuring the safety of your precious eyes. So, here are some additional tips that, along with your protective eyewear, will safeguard your vision:

Warm-Up Your Peepers

Just like your muscles crave that pre-game warm-up, your eyes too benefit from some easy, preparatory exercises. Incorporating eye movements such as up-down and side-to-side gazes, focusing on close and distant objects alternately, or tracing imaginary figures with your gaze, can greatly enhance your eye agility. 

These exercises reduce strain, improve focus, and help you better track those quick-flying balls in high-speed matches of racquetball or squash.

Regular Breaks

Being engaged in a fast-paced game like racquetball or squash, your eyes constantly shift focus, which can lead to eye strain. To avoid this, practice the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break to gaze at something 20 feet away. 

This helps relax your eye muscles and provides a much-needed respite, keeping your vision sharp and clear.


The significance of hydration might seem unclear when we discuss eye protection, but it plays a crucial role. Staying well-hydrated supports your body's natural tear production. Tears keep your eyes lubricated, preventing dryness and irritation that can compromise your vision. A simple act of drinking water regularly, therefore, indirectly contributes to a clear and comfortable vision during the game.

Adopt a Nutritious Diet

Believe it or not, diet plays an integral role in eye health. Consuming foods rich in nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc can contribute to maintaining healthy vision. Fruits, leafy green vegetables, fish, and eggs are good sources. While keeping your body energized for the game, you'll also be nourishing your eyes, providing an additional layer of protection.

Blink Regularly

In the heat of the match, players often unintentionally reduce their blink rate. While this may sound trivial, less blinking means less lubrication, leading to dry and uncomfortable eyes. Reminding yourself to blink regularly, especially during intense rallies, maintains a healthy tear film, ensuring your eyes remain well-lubricated and vision unimpeded.

Secure Your Eyewear

Having your Stoggles stay put during an active game is just as important as the protective features they provide. Here, the Stoggles Strap emerges as a game-changer. Designed from durable nylon, this strap can handle the demanding conditions of racquetball or squash. 

Being adjustable, it fits most frame sizes, ensuring your Stoggles stay firmly on your face throughout the game. You don't have to worry about your eyewear slipping or flying off mid-rally anymore. With the Stoggles Strap, your eyewear stays precisely where it should — protecting your eyes.

Wrapping Up

In the high-speed, high-intensity world of racquetball and squash, the risk to your eyes is real, and you need to ensure they're well-protected. When it comes to your vision, there's no room for compromise. This is where Stoggles, with their perfect blend of style, comfort, and protection, come to your aid. They're not just eyewear; they're your ultimate defense, your most reliable doubles partner.

Stay sharp, stay safe, and let nothing blur your vision on the court. After all, with Stoggles, you can be certain you're viewing the game through the best lens possible. Game on, racquet warriors!


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