Best Eyewear To Wear for Racquetball and Squash

Best Eyewear To Wear for Racquetball and Squash

You’re into your sport, and whether it’s racquetball or squash, you know the game inside and out. To the untrained eye (or non-sports person both racquetball and squash look similar. At Stoggles, we know there are key differences that set both games apart.

We also know there are key differences that set our eyewear apart from other protective sports eyewear. Keeping you safe while you play is our mission, and we’ll explain why you need protection and what kind of protection you need. 

Get ready, we’re serving up more than just small rubber balls. We’ll cover the top # safety features you need when you step inside the court and into the box. 

Is Safety Eyewear Necessary?

While we all know someone who knows someone who has sustained an eye injury, we prefer data to anecdotal stories. Eye injuries are really common, with more than 800,000 occurring each year at work. 

More than half of all total eye-related injuries occur at home, and about 30,000 eye-related injuries are sports-related. These injuries range from blunt-force impacts to corneal abrasions and puncture wounds. These injuries can rob you of your vision, and even if you don’t experience total blindness, you can experience partial blindness that can change the shape of your game (and your life) for good. Got your attention?

While it might be optional at some clubs to wear or not wear safety eyewear, the risks are too high. Losing your vision because you didn’t like wearing safety glasses isn’t a cool story to tell at parties. 

That said, you don’t need the same type of protection that a chemist or a welder does, so finding what you need in a pair of comfortable glasses is going to be your key to successful squash safety (or rewarding racquetball refuge). 

What To Look For in Glasses for Racquetball or Squash

For sports enthusiasts, you need eye protection, but not protection that feels bulky, looks ridiculous, and welcomes some… well, interesting opinions. You also need comfort and style that won’t interfere with your game and that you’ll actually keep on your head. 

Before you shop, here’s a breakdown of the specs that will keep you safe from rackets, racquets, and those mischievous little balls.

Shatter Resistance

The most obvious injury you’ll likely sustain while you’re on the court is from blunt force impact. Whether that impact comes from the rubber ball in play or from your opponent’s racquet (or racket) isn’t the issue. The issue is how well your eyes are protected. 

For the ultimate in shatter resistance, you’ll want ANSI Z87.1-2020 certification. ANSI certification means your eyewear has been tested against high-velocity strikes to the lenses and frame to ensure that, in the ultimate hinder situation, your eyes are still safe (although your return is clearly not). 

All Stoggles eyewear is ANSI Z87.1 rated, so you can feel safe about your aggressive backhand return even if it doesn’t go as planned.

Side and Top Shields

If you wear corrective lenses, you might convince yourself that those would be fine to wear on the court. That’s a bad idea. Most frames and lenses aren’t crafted from material that can withstand a ball strike from a power serve. 

In addition, regular eyewear leaves your eyes vulnerable in two areas: across the temples (where the tip of a racquet could leave a serious dent) and above the brows. The Stoggles solution is top and side shields that correct the problem by covering vulnerable areas with a low-profile design that is protective but not obvious. 

You can try wraparound style eyewear, but keep in mind that if you wear prescription safety eyewear, the wraparound style may not be available for Rx lenses — which is why Stoggles is such a game-changing solution for prescription, protective eyewear.

Protection from Intrusive Light

Even if you aren’t playing on an outdoor court, your eyes could still be exposed to intrusive light. LED lights, smartphones, tablets, and screens all emit blue light, a type of light similar to UV light in that it can pass through the cornea and reach the retina. 

The scariest part about blue light exposure is that it’s constant. It comes from the sun and devices, so our eyes are exposed to it a lot. Researchers aren’t yet sure how damaging blue light can be for our eyes, so making sure we protect against it is imperative. You’ll find blue-light filtering lenses on every pair of Stoggles we make — because being able to keep your eyes in the game longer is important. 

If you do play on an outdoor court, you’ll need protection from UV rays, too. UV light can damage your eyes in a similar way as your skin: it causes premature aging. Both UVA and UVB rays are damaging, and dark shades may not offer the level of UV protection you need. 

Stoggles, for instance, are made from polycarbonate material, which is naturally UV-blocking and available with or without tinting, so you can keep your eyes safe on overcast days and on sunny days alike. 

Fog Resistance

You know as well as anyone that the court gets hot. Partially enclosed spaces and working against an opponent that seems hell-bent on hindering you can create a steamy situation. It could be the reason why you’ve avoided protective eyewear. Fogging lenses aren’t just annoying, they’re dangerous.

When lenses fog, you’re forced into a timeout to wipe them down or exposed to a situation that could cause an injury because you simply can’t see. 

When we made Stoggles, we made them with safety and convenience in mind. That’s why all our eyewear comes preloaded with an anti-fogging compound sealed onto the surface of our lenses. No fog, no matter what.


Safety eyewear is only safe while it’s firmly affixed to your head, and with games like racquetball and squash, there’s definitely a chance your eyewear will get jostled. That’s why we offer an optional adjustable sports strap that keeps your eyewear attached, no matter how many times you dive, swerve, or crash during an intense crosscourt rally, your eyewear will be there.

Prescription Availability

If you’ve avoided safety eyewear because you need corrective lenses and think you’ll have to stuff them under uncomfortable goggles, we don’t blame you. Not only would that be uncomfortable, it wouldn’t be conducive to gameplay. 

We can make a pair of Stoggles for you with your custom prescription. Just upload it to our website, pick your frame shape and color, and we’ll send you the best-looking, most comfortable protective eyewear you’ve ever experienced. It’s that easy!


If you’re more of the “I never wear protection” sort, we get it. You don’t want to sacrifice one minute of the experience by wearing anything that could feel uncomfortable or restrictive. No need to fear, our eyewear is designed for your pleasure. 

From our ultra-lightweight polycarbonate frames and lenses to our streamlined side and top shield aesthetic, we went to great lengths to ensure that our eyewear not only protects your vision and style, but it also feels so lightweight you’ll forget about them. We also focused on the fit to ensure they feel comfortable for long hours or use. 

With iconic frame shapes like aviator and cat eye to classic shapes like round and rectangle, you don’t ever have to settle for that ultra-obvious French cyclist eyewear look. (No offense to our French cyclist friends). You get serious vision protection with a lowkey, understated style that won’t distract you (or your tens and tens of fans) from the game. 

Players Ready!

Awareness is everything, and now that you know the risk of not protecting your eyes, you simply can’t ignore it, kind of like how you used to linger after your shot instead of moving immediately to center court. 

You don’t have to settle for eyewear that is obtrusive, uncomfortable, or just plain unattractive. You’ve got Stoggles. Stoggles give you all the protection you need and nothing you don’t, in a form factor that will truly make you feel like you want to wear it rather than have to wear it! 

Enhance your game and get serious protection with the only eyewear that offers you the perfect marriage of safety and style. Stoggles makes it easy for you to keep your eyes safe both on and off the court. 


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