What Are the Best Glasses for Round Faces?

What Are the Best Glasses for Round Faces?

Your face shape is important, and if you’ve never considered it, now’s the time. When it comes to selecting eyewear, your face shape is a huge factor. Thinking of your face shape when it’s time to choose frames can help accentuate features you love and balance out features that are more dominant.

Don’t worry if it sounds confusing or too time-consuming. The stylish team at Stoggles has rounded up the best eyewear shapes for round faces. Got a different face shape? Check out our blog for ideas for your particular face shape. 

For now, we’ll “round up” the best frames for faces that have perfect, circular symmetry. 

Do I Have a Round Face?

Unless you’re into facial contouring or have used your face shape previously to pick out eyewear, you might not know what your face shape actually is. That’s okay. All you need to figure it out is a mirror and your mug. 

Looking at your face, you’ll be studying three main areas; your forehead, your chin/jawline, and your cheeks. 

  • Heart-shaped faces. These face shapes are wider at the forehead and cheeks and narrow through the chin and jaw. 
  • Square-shaped faces. A person with a square-shaped face has a forehead and jaw that are more in-line with one another. The edge of the forehead meets the chin measurement. 
  • Oval-shaped faces. An oval-shaped face has a forehead and chin that are both more narrow than the cheekbones. 

A round face is exactly what you might expect it to be… round. Your face is approximately as wide as it is long, with cheekbones that aren’t necessarily prominent. You can also tell if you have a round face by your jawline. If your jawline is softer, you may have a round or oval-shaped face. 

What Are the Best Glasses for Round Faces?

Now that you know you’re working with a round face shape, you can start shopping for eyewear to enhance your face. The right pair of glasses makes all the difference and helps you stay stylish and confident. 

Before we begin, a caveat. This isn’t an exhaustive list, and if the frame shape you love isn’t on this list, that doesn’t mean it’s not for you. The best frame shapes are the ones you feel most confident in. 

If you need a little guidance, that’s where we come in. We’re here to help you navigate the myriad of available frames and find the ones that are most complementary to your face. 

1. Rectangle Glasses

With round faces, the idea is to create geometry. Adding more angles can help balance out the round curvature of your face and add shape. Rectangle glasses are usually preferable to square, simply because they are longer and are better able to accentuate your cheekbones. 

2. Square Glasses

Although rectangle glasses are our top choice for eyewear for a round face, square glasses are a close second. Square frames also add the angled lines that a round face craves, but will give the benefit of adding additional height to your eye area. If you have smaller eyes or low brows, consider square frames a solid solution. 

3. Cat-Eye Glasses

The most iconic eyewear of the 1950s never truly went out of style, it merely evolved. Cat-eye frames are still incredibly popular and extremely wearable, especially if you have a round face. The upward angle of the frames at the outer edges helps create lift and lengthen the cheekbones.

For added emphasis, try getting cat-eye frames that are slightly wider than your cheekbones, which will give your face a more elongated shape. 

4. Aviators

You might think aviators are off the table if you have a round face because the shape of aviators is similar to a flattened, stretched-out circle. Since your face is neither flattened nor stretched out, you’re in luck. 

When wearing aviators, a larger frame size is your friend. If you choose a frame size that is smaller than your face, it can make your face look larger than it is. Instead, choose a frame that sits just outside your cheekbones to add balance and structure. 

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What About Color?

The color of your frames doesn’t really relate to your face shape. Instead, you’ll want to match your frame color to your eyes, hair, skin tone, or even your outfit. Here are some helpful tips to help ensure your eyewear complements your aesthetic.

  • Go bold to enhance light-colored eyes and hair and add warmth to your skin tone. This is also a good solution for enhancing the eyes and drawing attention to the eye and cheek area.
  • Go muted to play up perfectly sculpted brows, dark eyes and/or hair, and a darker skin tone. Muted colors offer a lower profile look that is perfect for stronger features.

Also known as brow-line glasses or half-rimmed glasses, fade frames have a darker color at the top half of the frame that fades into a lighter or clearer color at the bottom. Fades accentuate the eye area and draw attention upward, which can help create dimension and lengthen the face. 

You can get fades in different shapes, which gives you even more styling options to fully customize your look. 

Combining style and color can help you create a perfectly balanced look and feel confident in your eyewear. 

Now, you know how to style your face. That leaves just one question. Do you know how to protect your eyes? If you said, “I’ll just wear the new glasses I pick,” that’s the wrong answer. Again, the team here at Stoggles has you covered. 

Not only will we help you understand what you need in terms of eye protection, but we’ll also explain why choosing Stoggles for eye protection can help you retain your newly found face-shape style and keep your vision safe.

Why Is Eye Safety Important?

We’ve got five senses, but vision is the strongest. Almost 80% of our impressions of the world come from sight. Ironically, retinal cells (the ones that give you the ability to see) do not regenerate. When they are damaged, it’s game over. 

Considering that your eyes sit relatively unprotected, covered by thin lids, and sitting inside a fragile orbital bone, it’s no wonder eye injuries are so common. You didn’t know? Let us drop the knowledge for you.

  • More than 2,000 people sustain eye injuries per day at work alone in the U.S. 
  • The home is the fastest-growing source for eye injuries, with more than half of all eye-related injuries occurring here.
  • Eye injuries also occur during recreational activities, like sports or games.

Those are just the facts. Another fact? Experts agree that 90% of all eye-related injuries are completely preventable with proper eye protection. 

Just what is “proper” eye protection? Glad you asked. We’re somewhat experts on eye safety, and we created our Stoggles eyewear to achieve two important goals: 

  1. Keep your eyes safe.
  2. Look good doing it.

Here’s what you can count on in every pair of Stoggles.

Safety Features You Need

The frames and features of safety eyewear had not changed much since the dawn of protective glasses circa 1880. Although some changes were made, there wasn’t much evolution from the early 1900s until now, except for the invention of wraparound lenses

These lenses were necessary to address a manufacturing issue with side shields on safety glasses that could distort vision. Unfortunately, wraparound lenses have a hypermasculine look that many people don’t find comfortable, much less attractive. 

Stoggles changed the game by addressing this issue and many more.

1. Side and Top Shield, Reinvented 

Wraparound lenses aren’t for everyone. If you need prescription lenses, some wraparound lenses may create distortion — and prescription wraparound lenses are generally not even possible. Stoggles worked with industry experts to create a solution; top and side shields that offered all-around protection without vision distortion that was common in previous decades. 

Our low-profile shields keep your eyes safe, never interfere with your vision, and work for a lot more face shapes than wraparound lenses. 

2. Light Protection

Keeping your eyes safe from intrusive light is more than just wearing sunglasses. In fact, your sunglasses might not be giving you the protection you need. UV protection doesn’t correlate to the amount of shade on your lenses. Instead, you need to know if your eyewear is UV-rated.

Stoggles, for instance, are all created with lightweight polycarbonate, which is a material that is naturally UV-blocking. We also keep your eyes safe from blue light by injecting blue light-blocking chemicals directly into the lenses when we manufacture them. This makes sure they last longer, unlike conventional coatings, which erode off much more quickly.

3. Shatter Resistance

Your regular frames aren’t rated for shatter resistance, which is why you can’t wear them instead of safety eyewear. Shatter resistance tests for high-velocity impact (think rock flying up from your lawnmower, etc.). Stoggles are all made to pass the ANSI Z87.1-2020 certification, which means they are impact-resistant and won’t shatter into your eyes. 

4. Anti-Fog

Fogging glasses aren’t just annoying, they aren’t safe. Continually removing your eyewear creates a safety hazard and also takes you off task. Depending on your work, that could also be dangerous. 

No anti-fog coating is permanent, but Stoggles eyewear is all treated with an anti-fogging compound that lasts a really, really long time. Those days of wiping your eyewear down with a dirty napkin are so done.

5. Prescription Ready

Your safety glasses aren’t really safe if you need vision correction they don’t offer. That’s why we offer all our Stoggles with vision correction made easy. All you need to do is upload your prescription onto our website, and we’ll take care of the rest.

6. Sun Polarized

You asked, we delivered. Stoggles are now available with shade. In addition to the UV protection you rely on, you can now get a pair of Stoggles with shade and polarization, helping keep you protected against glare and hard surface reflections.

7. Unmatched Style

The frame styles that suit a round face? We’ve got them… and then some. We offer numerous colors (and fades) that help you fully customize your eyewear wardrobe. Don’t have an eyewear wardrobe? Now’s the time to start curating one. 

Get Around to Better Eyewear

We’ve rounded out the options for the best frames for round faces, and now it’s your job to choose what suits you best. No matter what you decide, your eye safety and comfort comes first. Stoggles helps you check both boxes in one pair of seriously stylish frames. 


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