How To Choose Glasses for Diamond Shaped Faces

How To Choose Glasses for Diamond Shaped Faces

You sparkle. You shine. Is it oily skin or your diamond-shaped face and winning personality? We’re putting our money on the latter. Having a diamond-shaped face gives you a unique look but can also make it hard to find eyewear that fits perfectly and compliments your look.

Not to worry. The style-conscious team at Stoggles is on the case. Like bounty hunters searching for a missing diamond, we’ll help you find the elusive frame shapes that look great on your face shape and give you recs on where to buy them (Stoggles, of course). 

First, let’s talk about what makes your face diamond (or not). 

Diamond, Heart, or Oval? 

Your face shape refers to the outline of your face if you were to trace it onto a piece of paper. Most people have face shapes that are either oval, round, square, heart, or diamond. If you aren’t sure what your particular face shape is, you can take a quick test to figure it out.

Finding Your Face Shape

To determine what kind of shape you’re working with, follow these simple steps. You’ll need a mirror, and your mug.

  1. Find the widest part of your face. Is your face widest across your forehead, through your cheeks, or at your chin? If your face is widest around your cheekbones, stay tuned: you could have a diamond-shaped face.

  2. Take a look at your jawline. Your jawline is the second place you’ll look to determine the shape of your face. Your jawline may be square, rounded, or pointed. If you have a pointed jawline that is definitely more narrow than your cheekbones, that’s another sign you might have a diamond-shaped face. 

  3. Check out your forehead. Foreheads get bad raps, especially if we perceive them to be even an inch wider or longer than we’d like. If your forehead is more narrow than your cheekbones, combined with a narrow chin, you’ve probably got a diamond-shaped face. 

As a recap, if your face is broader throughout your cheeks and narrow at the forehead and chin, you likely have a diamond-shaped face. If not, you can check out this article to determine your face shape and get pointers for other eyewear recommendations that are a better fit. 

Sparkly diamond faces, read on.

How to Find Glasses For Diamond Face Shapes

Angles? You’ve got them in all the right places. The key to bringing balance to a diamond face shape is to choose glasses that are softer to help balance the structure of your cheekbones and tapering chin. 

Finding eyewear for your face can feel like a challenge because eyewear sits across your cheekbones, the exact place where your face is the widest. If you decide to choose larger glasses, you can over-accentuate the side of your cheekbones. Too small, and you risk your eyewear looking lost on your midface. 

Here, we’ll cover some of the best frames for diamond faces.

1. Round

Round eyewear is hard to pull off if you have a wider forehead and chin. The round frames can seem too small for your face. Diamond faces do well with round frames because they help balance the cheekbones and soften them. 

2. Cat-Eye

It can be hard to pull off iconic cat-eye glasses, but your face is well suited to the task. Cat-eye frames naturally tilt upward, which can help accentuate your cheekbones without making them look wider. Instead, the look will be lifted. 

Cat-eye glasses are also a good option for helping draw attention up and softening the look of a very pointed chin. 

3. Square

If you decide to go for an angular pair of glasses, we recommend square over rectangle. Rectangle frames are longer and can create too much space across your cheekbones. Instead, square glasses offer the same structured look as rectangle frames but have added height that creates a better balance against a wider midface.

4. Aviator

Who doesn’t love the look of big, fat aviator glasses? These frames are usually best for people with less prominent cheekbones and of course, pilots, but if you’ve got your heart set on aviator eyewear, you can definitely get away with them even though you have prominent cheekbones. 

Look for options that have bottom edges that angle downward and sit slightly inside your natural cheekbones. If you choose frames that are larger, it can make your cheeks look larger than they actually are. 

Bottom line: The best frames are the frames you feel confident in. If that means wearing uber-long rectangle frames on a diamond face, who are we to judge?

What About Color?

Once you’ve decided on the frames that suit you best, you can select the color. Darker colors will create a smaller space on the face and more intensity, while lighter colors can create a larger space across the cheeks. 

At Stoggles, we like to give you the freedom to choose a different color for every day of the week. That’s why you’ll find so many options in each of our frame styles. Can’t decide whether you want light or dark frames? You don’t have to choose. Stoggles Fades gives you the illusion of half-rimmed glasses with frames that fade in color from top to bottom. 

How About Comfort?

If your glasses aren’t comfortable, it doesn’t matter what they look like, you won’t feel your best in them and you’ll probably end up swapping them for something else. Don’t waste your hard-earned yearly vision budget. Instead, test drive your eyewear to make sure you get a good fit. 

We offer Stoggles in two distinct sizes to help make sure you are completely comfortable in your eyewear. We create our eyewear out of lightweight, ultra-durable polycarbonate material that is easy and comfortable to wear. If your frames are made out of material that is uncomfortable, you’re going to feel miserable the entire time you wear them. 

What If You Need Safety Glasses?

Oh, diamond-faced dear one, we are so glad you asked. Safety is our thing (right along with style). Those frame shapes you read about above? We offer every single one of them at Stoggles, in unexpected colors and with above-standard safety features that you need to keep your eyes safe whether you're at home, work, or play. 

Here’s what you’ll find pre-loaded in every pair of Stoggles.

ANSI Z87.1-2020 Certification

Not familiar with ANSI? That’s okay. The American National Standards Institute works with agencies like OSHA to develop safety guidelines across multiple industries. For eyewear, ANSI Z87.1-2020 certification is the gold standard. It means your eyewear has been tested for safety against high-velocity impact to ensure that if your eyewear takes a hit, it won’t shatter and send pieces into your eyes. 

UV Protection 

We spend thousands of dollars each year to fight those crow’s feet around our eyes, but most of us don’t realize that the eyes surrounded by those lines can also age prematurely from sun exposure. 

The sun can cause early-onset macular degeneration, as well as cataracts. Unlike wrinkles on your skin, which provide a blow to your vanity, these issues will take a blow to your vision, causing you to lose it partially or in total. 

UV protective lenses are essential for keeping your eyes safe, and the polycarbonate material with which Stoggles is made is naturally UV blocking. 

Blue Light Filtering

Like UV rays, blue light is also an intrusive, dangerous light form that can potentially harm your eyes. It also interferes with your circadian rhythm, which can cause you to lose valuable sleep. To keep your eyes safe, you need blue light blocking eyewear. 

When we created Stoggles, we decided to go HAM, offering protection against not just UV rays but blue light as well. Unlike some companies, our UV filtering lenses aren’t coated; they have a filtration compound injected into them at the time of manufacturing so they last longer and work more effectively. 


You’re no stranger to fogging eyewear. It’s the reason why you always have your shirttail handy. Or, like, a used tissue (cringe). Those aren’t good solutions, and they won’t help keep your glasses clear. 

Instead, you need anti-fog lenses. At Stoggles, we offer fog-free lenses that really last. Unlike anti-fog drops or wipes, our lenses resist fogging because they change the way water condenses on the surface of the lenses. 

Side and Top Shields

Your regular corrective eyewear or sunglasses don’t protect your eyes in a few important areas, like near your eyebrows and across your temples. There are a few ways to fix that problem, including wraparound lenses. The unfortunate fact about some wraparound lenses is that they can cause corrective vision prescriptions to distort. 

We wanted to avoid that distortion, so we opted for side and top shields. These won’t interfere with your corrective vision prescription, and they’re lower profile than wraparounds.

Bonus Features

“But wait, there’s more,” we say. If you need vision correction and safety eyewear, we can take care of that for you in-house. Simply upload your prescription to the website, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Want transition-style safety eyewear? You got it. Stoggles Dimmers offer UV reactive lenses that naturally darken when exposed to the sun and return clear when you are no longer in sunlight. 

You could say we thought of everything, and you’d be right. 

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Your face shape can work for you or against you, and a lot of that has to do with how well you choose your eyewear. For eyewear that protects your eyes without compromising your style, the solution is Stoggles. 


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